Are We Prepared For A Cyberattack?

We are never 100% prepared, no matter how cautious we are, as system vulnerabilities will always exist, and cybercriminals will always be on the lookout, hoping to detect that security breach. We are in a constant state of cyber threats.

The more sophisticated the technology, the more challenging it is for the cybercriminal, who is always prepared to attack, so let’s not make the road easy. There are some measures that can be taken to prevent or attempt to prevent a cyber attack.

Some Measures To Protect Our Equipment

The first thing we must do is protect our equipment, and this is done through the update. Always keep all the equipment updated, although we think that doing so often is not necessary; on the contrary, in each update, there are improvements in security.

Very important is to have a good Antivirus and Antimalware, which are supported by the community when it comes to detecting malicious files.

Something relevant to the security of our data is passwords; they must be safe and strong. Never put our names, or our pet’s or phone numbers or dates of birth, it seems obvious to recommend, but sometimes we think so quickly in choosing a password, that we go by the easiest. Sometimes we use a password for everything so as not to have to memorize many, and that puts our information at risk, especially if we link bank cards. It is recommended to mix numbers and letters, upper and lower case and symbols.

Using security protocols is an essential step; otherwise, file transfers to a server can become completely vulnerable. One way to facilitate the attack is to send data through unknown sources or untrustworthy sites.

Always check the authenticity of links and profiles. Something common today is the attack through “phishing,” which attempts to acquire confidential information fraudulently, usually through email. In social networks, fake profiles are created with the purpose of capturing personal data or confidential information of the user, in order to deceive.

Avoid delivering personal data, especially on social networks and non-trustworthy websites. And if it is imperative that you do so, take all the precautions of the case.

Do not download pirated content, and this is very easy to do since there are numerous options to download software or multimedia files on the network, with the best music or movies. They are a favorite source to try to place malicious programs in the system and thus carry out an attack. It is always necessary to verify that the website is not suspicious.

It is essential to make a backup, to recover the lost information in case of a cyber attack. In the long run, it will be appreciated to have that support.

Something very important is to report any suspicious page or any content that is not appropriate to the relevant authorities. Thus we help prevent them from continuing to commit cybercrime.

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