Comparison Between Paid VPN and Free VPN: Which One to Choose?

It’s always tempting to turn to free VPN services. Of course, we must not be limited by the “on-said” who claim that what is cheap is of poor quality. Only, when it’s totally free, you still have to keep some reservations. This is especially true when it comes to VPNs where security is the law.

Here, we make a comparison of paid VPNs and free VPNs. What are the differences between these two choices? Already, we do not advise you to turn to the use of a free VPN. You’ll understand by reading the rest.

Why use a VPN?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s make a quick reminder. We’ll remind you of the main reasons why you’ll use a VPN. This will allow you to better understand the comparison that will follow.


Above all, you use a VPN to protect your personal data as well as your identity. The risks of having your data stolen are real on the net if you only talk about your bank details. Suffice to say that this should not be taken lightly. That’s why the best VPN providers use different protection systems to ensure your safety.

Bypassing georestriction and censorship

Some sites are only available in its home territory. Streaming sites are the best examples. The problem is called “georestriction.” This is what prevents you, for example, from unlocking Netflix US in France. Using a VPN is the best way around the problem. In fact, you can unlock almost every streaming site in the world with this tool.

Safe downloading

You probably know that, but you won’t be able to download different files. Here we are talking about the problem posed by HADOPI. So, if you persist, you are facing more or less serious problems. By using a VPN, you’ll be able to download different files safely in P2P/Torrent.

Differences between paid VPN and free VPN

Besides the price, what are the real differences between a paid VPN and a free VPN? In fact, there are several points that differentiate them. Points that focus on the basic features of the tool. Let’s see the details.


Above all, tell yourself that security will not be there at all if you turn to a free VPN. Indeed, your data will be the measure of the first hacker. Not to mention your identity that will be easily updated.

However, the paid version of a VPN uses military-grade encryption coupled with the best protocols. To top it off, you’ll be guaranteed that your browsing history will not be recorded in any way.


Your network connection speed will also take a big hit if you opt for a free VPN. Expect a significant drop of up to 90%. However, paid VPNs like ExpressVPN only lose 1% to 5% of your connection speed. Suffice to say that you will hardly feel the difference.

Remember that using a VPN will necessarily lower your connection speed to the network. Only, with a free VPN, you will experience endless waiting times just by opening a web page.


Let’s also talk about features. You probably know, but all the features like being able to stream on sites like Netflix US as well as the P2P download will be available with a paid provider.

However, a free VPN provider will not allow you to get around the georestriction problem. No streaming possible then! In addition, safe downloading will not be possible either.

Customer support

Setting up customer support is a sign that your provider really cares about your convenience. With a paid VPN, this feature will be there. Moreover, you will be entitled to different means of contact such as email, contact form and live chat. You will be able to contact customer service and have an immediate response. In addition, customer support from a paying provider is available H24 — 7 days a week.

With a free VPN, don’t expect to have customer support available. Even if this were the case, you will only be able to contact him with the contact form. The wait for a response will then be very long. If he deigns to answer you for that matter!

The number of countries covered

With a paid VPN, you’ll have an almost unlimited choice of servers and countries covered. If we take only NordVPN, it will provide you with more than 5700 servers. Some suppliers also offer more than 190 countries to choose from.

For free VPNs, the choice is limited. Generally, you will only be entitled to between 1 to 5 countries for such a poor server choice. Of course, the countries that the free supplier will offer you will not be interesting destinations. So don’t expect to unlock Netflix by choosing a server in the US for example.

The bandwidth

Let’s also talk about bandwidth. A paid VPN will not limit your bandwidth. This will allow you to take full advantage of your connection. Unlike a free VPN that limits bandwidth to around 500 Mb. And we are still objective, because this limitation varies from one free VPN to another for even more mediocrity.

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