The Dangers Of Cybersecurity By 2020

As technology advances, vertiginously, cybercrime advances. Cybersecurity professionals must be very well prepared for everything that comes to them, if this year was complicated with computer attacks, by 2020 it is expected even more difficult. When one thinks that he has already seen everything about cyber attacks, we are surprised that there is always something new up his sleeve, and cyber-attack trends progressively progress.

It is inevitable that technology advances, but perhaps, it is avoidable that the cybercriminal takes the lead in this technological career. According to cybersecurity experts, the threats for next year, that is within 20 days, would be the following, according to Trend Micro in its report for 2020:

Incomplete and hasty patches: attackers will overcome this type of vulnerability.

  • Open Banking and Malware for ATMs: banking systems will be more vulnerable, as mobile online payments thrive.
  • The deepfakes: the use of counterfeit images, videos, or audios generated by IA, will be used to manipulate businesses.
  • Malware distribution and attacks on the supply chain: Managed service providers (MSP) will be compromised.
  • It will increase espionage and extortion: Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to spy on personal and business conversations.
  • 5G technology: increasing the implementation of 5G will pose new challenges, due to the novelty of such technology and the lack of preparation of suppliers.
  • Critical Infrastructures: they will be affected by more attacks and production stops, and Ransomware will be the favorite weapon.

Code injection attacks on Cloud platforms: through third-party libraries.

In reality, most public and private companies will be affected in one way or another by cybercriminal threats and attacks. It is essential here, the role played by Cybersecurity, implementing new security strategies every day to protect the information of the company and workers.

At the user level, there are also many threats and attacks on the operating systems, this happens many times due to the lack of information of some users and to the very confident attitude towards threats, therefore, the attitude of any technology user You must be cautious and defensive. Updating operating systems and being aware of the new threats and attacks will always be beneficial.

According to CyberArk specialists, the Drone is an instrument that will be relevant in 2020, so far its use has been questioned for the physical damage it causes to third parties if it is handled by inexperienced or for being used in a military form to attack the enemy. Everything has its positive and negative side.

In this advancement of technology, it seems that the Drone is more useful in regards to the information it collects and how to exploit that information. In unscrupulous hands, obviously that such information will be used to spy, since they collect, steal and manipulate confidential information.

More control is needed with respect to the use of drones and with greater reason more control with the information that this device collects and stores. It must be treated as one more device and have the same precautions against cyberattacks, therefore, it must have protection.

CyberArk emphasizes the butterfly effect of Ransomware, as it will continue to increase next year. As the objective of these attacks is set in the disruption and destabilization of the systems, cities must focus on cyber resistance.

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